Resident Reminders!

Here are some friendly reminders about issues that are often brought to the LBRA’s attention:

  • Front gardens – the area between your house and the footpath, as well as the berm, is your responsibility to maintain. Please look after it and keep our streets looking smart.
  • Parking  Cars parked over footpaths and grass verges or not in designated spaces risk incurring an infringement notice from Auckland Transport. Please make sure you park in your garage, on your driveway or in a designated space.
  • Driving in school zones – Every weekday morning and afternoon, local children walk, cycle and scoot to our two schools. Please keep this in mind when you are behind the wheel and slow down around our schools. Unsafe drivers can be reported by calling *555.
  • Safe play – Please talk to your children about safe places to play and taking care around cars and roads. If your child is on a bike, please ensure they are wearing a helmet (and perhaps even a high-vis garment), that their brakes work and that they have sufficient skills to control their bike independently. Check that they know to ride on the left, to stop and look both ways when crossing, and that our crossings are not pedestrian crossings where cars have to give way.
  • Security – Please ensure you secure your property to prevent break ins. Lock your doors and windows, and use your alarm systems when you are out. Get to know your neighbours and let them know if you are going to be away for an extended period.
  • Doggy dos (and don’ts) – Several dog bins are located at Long Bay Beach, complete with plastic bags and a specific bin in which to discard of your dog’s waste. Please use these facilities or remember your own plastic bags and pick up after your dog. All dogs must be on a leash once they leave your property. And please respect the off-lead restrictions at the beach.
  • Protection for our parks – please remind your children of the need to look after our communal facilities, especially our parks and play areas. The trees, particularly, are provided for all to enjoy and look after.
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