Long Bay Cafe closing soon…

When the Long Bay Café opened in December 2012, it quickly became a valued community facility, providing a place for people to meet in a new housing development that was just getting established.  The café was designed to be an interim measure prior to the development of the Long Bay Village. With the completion of the neighbouring park, and the greater number of cafes and eateries now in the surrounding area, after careful consideration, Todd Property has made the decision to close the Long Bay Café.  The café’s last day of operation will be Friday, July 20.  The building will be removed in due course, allowing for the completion of Bearing Parade and the residential terraced housing to be built adjoining the new park.  Todd Property wish to thank both its loyal customers and staff who have supported the café over the years and to let you know that every effort is being made to support impacted employees.

Some of you will be aware that there is to be a new café on the corner of the Cavalli Apartments, and it won’t be long till we have our own new Village Centre with many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

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