Welcome to Long Bay


Located on Auckland’s North Shore, Long Bay is a master-planned community by Todd Property Group. Long Bay’s blend of stunning coastal landscape with fine urban design creates an incredible and enviable lifestyle.

The Long Bay Residents’ Association has been established to promote and represent your interests, foster neighbourhood relationships and to create opportunities for families to enjoy socialising together.

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To promote and represent the interests of the residents in the Long Bay Development, including the promotion of facilities, services and environments that benefit and enhance the lifestyle, amenity, environment and community for residents at the Long Bay Development;
  2. To provide a vehicle for communication between Members and the Auckland Council and other bodies having any jurisdiction or influence over, or association with, the Long Bay Development; and
  3. To bring Members together for social gatherings and provide company and entertainment for Members.

To ensure that Long Bay stays a thriving and contemporary community, and that residents maintain a high standard of consistency, Todd Property Group established a Design Guide for Long Bay.  We do recommend you read it and familiarise yourself with its contents so that we, as a community, can all work together to maintain this little piece of paradise.

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